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Many people believe all righteous people who have faith in Jesus as well as those servants of God before Jesus came on earth as man will go to heaven. They believe that all God’s servants of before in the Hebrew Scriptures as well as those Christians who died and the remaining Christians on earth until judgment come will go to heaven to live there eternally. Is this really the teaching of God’s word? If we will go back with the original aim of Jehovah God to Adam and Eve as well as to their offspring, God originally aimed to let the mankind live on earth as stated in Genesis 1:28 and that he didn’t want them to die as stated in Genesis 2:16 and Genesis 3:3. So God’s original plan to mankind is to let them live on earth forever because he doesn’t want them to die but to multiply on earth and to have dominions on earth. However, an angel from heaven who became Satan – the Devil eventually had lied to Eve that they will not die if they will eat the forbidden fruit but become like God who can know the good and bad (Genesis 3:4, 5). That is why the sin came to all mankind and that it caused death to all the offspring of Adam and Eve because Adam had sinned (Romans 5:12) as well as Eve. Now, is the will of God broken and will not ever be done? If we are going to read Isaiah 55:11, God assured us that his words will not come back to him without result but rather he will do his will as he pleases it to happen. Now, what is the proof that God’s will on mankind is to let them live forever on earth? We shall begin with God’s promise of eternal life on earth to his promise to Jacob and you can read it in Genesis 48:3, 4. In these verses, Jehovah God promised to Jacob that his descendants will possess the land that God will give to them for indefinite time (NWT; while it is “forever” in other translations). It is true that there are words in Hebrew Scriptures especially when talking to Mosaic Law, there are laws commanded by God to do by the Israelites for indefinite time while other translation it is “forever”. However, it was not done continually and so it is not forever. The original word for these terms have a meaning of “perpetual”, “forever”, “eternal” and “indefinite time”. However, God’s words on these commandments to Israel using Mosaic Law are said “not to be broken”. His words are not broken. Again these commandments are only replace by personal offerings of God’s people through prayers, contributions and preaching of the word of God and that the forgiveness of sins is through the blood of Jesus. The Law was ended through Jesus Christ death (Romans 10:4; Colossians 2:13, 14). Therefore, the word of God was not broken. Still it is doing continuously but through new ways of pleasing God under a new covenant through Jesus. How must we view the words “indefinite time” as translated in NWT in the said verses? This promise of God to Jacob is in relation to God’s will on earth to let it continue to exist as stated in Ecclesiastes 1:4 (again in NWT it is indefinite time) however, in Psalms 104:5 it is not only indefinite time but it is also forever. (Please see the corresponding Hebrew interlinear for these verses and the NWT). It says the earth will never be moved and it will exist forever. Another example of the word “forever” in NWT can be found in 2 Samuel 7:16 (which has a greater fulfillment to Jesus) in which David is said to have rulership forever.  So, if all the righteous people will go to heaven to live there, for what purpose is the earth that it will continue to exist forever? The Bible answers that the earth was made as a dwelling place and that it was created by God with purpose (Isaiah 45:18). In fact, the earth was given by God to mankind (Psalms 115:16). Now, what is the proof that the earth was given by God to mankind? Psalms 37:9, 11, 29 clearly states that righteous and meek people will live on earth forever (see the Hebrew Interlinear). How about some people’s teaching of a new literal earth or a paradise which is on heaven (which may compose of literal land)? Again, the word of God clearly states that the righteous will dwell on earth and that those without sins or imperfectness will “remain” on earth while those wicked will be “rooted” out of it (see Proverbs 2:21, 22).  It is also in conformity with Isaiah 25:8 that God will destroy death (to be fulfilled) forever and wipe away all tears of men and take away the disgrace of his nation in the whole earth. Notice the words use God will “take away” the disgrace on earth. Why? It is because righteous people will be left on earth. This in conformity with Psalms 72:8 which is a fulfilled prophecy to Jesus and will happen on the coming new earth and the prayer of Jesus known as the “Lord’s Prayer” commonly known as “Our Father” in Matthew 6:9, 10 is really the will of God which can be seen in Psalms 72:19, 20. Remember it was not said “new earth” thus David believe that this earth is still the earth that righteous people will dwell in. The “new earth” definitely means a renewed system on earth. Actually, David did not ascend into heaven as stated in Acts 2:34 but his hope is to live on earth as stated in Ezekiel 37:24, 25. This is in conformity with Joel 3:20 which states Judah and Jerusalem will be inhabited forever. However, some translations states Judah and Jerusalem will dwell forever. As we can see these are literal places that spoken about in chapter 3 therefore it must conclude that these places will be literally inhabited by its people forever. Another proof that the early God’s people did not go to heaven is in John 3:13. What are other proofs that the earth is meant to be a dwelling place of the righteous people? Jesus mentioned that the meek will inherit the earth (Matthew 5:5; see the Greek- English Interlinear) that is why those who ruin the earth will be destroyed because the earth will still have purpose for the mankind as their dwelling place (Revelation 11:18). Are there people who will go to heaven? There are. In 1 Corinthians 15:35, Paul said one may ask on how will the dead be raised and to what body will they come again? He gave an answer in 1 Corinthians 15:38-40 which he stated that there are heavenly bodies and earthly bodies that will be given to mankind according to God’s will. Therefore, there are two kinds of bodies that people will acquire in resurrection – one is heavenly body and one is earthly body. Of course heavenly bodies are spiritual bodies (who would live on heaven) and earthly bodies are physical bodies (i.e. with blood and flesh who would live on earth). So who would go to heaven? The Scriptures states that through Jesus, he bought people for God from earth to bring to heaven as stated in Psalms 68:18 which has a cross reference to Ephesians 4:8 – 10. Therefore, it is through Jesus that righteous people bought from earth will be taken to heaven. How it is possible to enter in the Kingdom of God in heaven? John 3:3 – 5 states that one must be born in Spirit and in water before one can enter to heaven. Who are those born in spirit? John 1:12 – 13 states they are born not from the blood or from the will of man but from the will of God. Therefore it is not through human will that they can enter to God’s kingdom in heaven but only through God’s will. This is in relation to Romans 9:11, 16 that those chosen is not chosen based on the works of the person, not on the one who wants and not on the one who runs but of the one who calls who is Jehovah. Therefore it is not ourselves who will decide if we will live on heaven. How ever far we have worked as righteous persons, the heavenly hope depends on the one who calls (compare Romans 8:28). Who are the ones call by God and what is God’s purpose for them? As the Scriptures states, those who will be on heaven must be born from Spirit and from the water i.e. born from the will of God as called by God through his spirit and born through baptism. Are the early people of God before Jesus came on earth as man not included to go to heaven? Yes, they are not included. As you can see in the previous verses I have quoted above the hope of the early God’s people is to live on earth. Actually, there is no single scripture in the Hebrew Scriptures that early God’s people will go to heaven. Again, John 1:13 states that no one went to heaven except to the one who came from heaven who is Jesus. If by that time Abraham, Noah, Jacob, Isaac, David and other people of God is not in heaven by that time then when will they be resurrected? John 5:28, 29 states that through Jesus there will be resurrection of the dead. When will the resurrection be happened? 1 Corinthians 15:23 states resurrection will happen on the presence of Jesus. When is the presence of Jesus? Some believe it is on Armageddon when God will give his judgment to all nations through the second coming of Jesus. However, Revelation 6:9 – 10 clearly states there are resurrected people in heaven before the world ends and are waiting for God’s judgment to come for the vengeance of their blood. Verse 11 states that they have to wait for a few more time until their complete number (the 144,000) be fulfilled. This resurrection refers to the ones mention in Revelation 20:4 – 6. They are the first resurrected ones who will become kings and priests of God together with Jesus in heaven. They are numbered as 144,000 (Revelation 7:4 – 8). Are these literal Jews who came from Israel? No. Revelation 14: 1 – 5 states they were bought from earth and “bought from humanity” (v. 3, 4) or “bought from all tribes, languages and nations” to become priests of God and kings over the earth (see Revelation 5:9, 10). Are these literal virgins? No. Peter is one of the apostles of Jesus Christ who will live on heaven yet he has a wife (1 Corinthians 9:5; Matthew 8:14; John 1:42). Is this the church of God which is composed of Christians? No. Since these 144, 000 will become kings over the earth. To whom they will rule if all Christians are kings in heaven? Why would the 144,000 become kings over the earth? 1 Corinthians 6:2 and Revelation 20:4, 6 state they will have to judge the earth for 1000 years in the millennial reign of Jesus. People who gets out of the great tribulation and those who will be resurrected to have chance to live on earth will have to prove themselves that they are deserving of eternal life only if they can pass on the final test after 1000 years of reigning of Jesus (Revelation 20:7, 8) However, those resurrected ones and have came out of the great tribulation who will disobey the will of God including his new commandments will be destroyed eventually even the 1000 years is not yet finished (Isaiah 65:20). Please check all the biblical verses I have written and as much as possible look for the corresponding interlinear of those verses.

The truth shall set us free. (John 8:32)

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