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About the Author

The Author of this site is male and not a baptize JW and his views depend on what he understands according to what the Bible really shows as well as from the Watchtower’s publications and some authors whom he believes contributed a well explicit explanation about a specific subject. Any interpretations that would seem contrary to JW’s belief do not intend to derogate the Biblical doctrines of JW. The country where he resides belongs to the east where the sun rises that is why he called his url and username as fromthesunrising. The beliefs of the author of this site are concerned with Watchtower’s issues about their beliefs. Whatever words made by the author are liable to the God he only believe, none other than Jehovah God, the Supreme God and Judge of all.

About the Blogs

The blogs of the author basically shows the Biblical doctrines through presenting biblical verses and understanding its contexts. All biblical doctrines presented are in line with the JW beliefs. Comments are allowed to everyone but subject for approval. This is to maintain the good flow of discussion between the author and the commentator. Links that post by critics of this site to derogate the Watchtower or JW will not be published.

About the Supported Links

The suggested links presented by the author are considered to support his views as well as the Biblical doctrines of the JW. The author believes that these links are considered as scholastically intelligent for most of the links discuss and show the core of every subject by providing analysis of the biblical grammar as well as by presenting biblical proofs and supported researches.

About the Christendom and Other Religious Sects

This site is primarily intended to show the real Bible teachings and to understand the author’s beliefs in line with the JW by presenting supported factual ideas. Any words that would seem derogatory to any religious sects are not intended to suppress the feelings of their members but merely to encourage them to have enlightenment and to open their hearts and mind to biblical truths.





First and foremost, I would like to thank you for reading my post. I am not expecting you will accept my words but I do hope you will study the beliefs of JW and try to check if its biblical. Each of us has the right to believe or not to believe. It is ourselves who will decide for what faith we are going to hold and exercise on.  I am not saying that all who are not Jehovah’s Witnesses are condemned neither all the Jehovah’s Witnesses will have salvation. It is Jehovah God who will judge all of us through Jesus Christ. At first, I am not in proper way to speak about the word of God but as time goes by I have learned to correct myself through the Bible instruction and the people who care about me. It is not only about the truth but the importance of life of an individual. We may have different ideas and come from different races but we have the good conscience, right thinking and understanding heart which give us way to express and do what is best for us and for the other people. People may don’t understand my words about what I am sharing or even don’t accept it. Some people would start to think about something and others would ignore the message I am sharing. Whatever would be the feelings of everyone who reads my posts, it is themselves who will carry it and decide for their actions. I am not making this to make fighting with anyone else but to let you and the other people know the righteousness of God through his grace and loving-kindness. Jehovah God loves the people and he wanted everyone to be saved and be happy. Would a father want his own sons be died? Would a craftsman want his masterpiece be wasted? Would a creator wants his creation be worthless? The answer is no and it is the same with God for all God’s creations are products of his love and wisdom through his dynamic power. We are created out of His love and out of His good qualities and joyful feelings. Why in return we would hurt his feelings? He created a family for his own – a family who will be pleased to live in union with him. He wanted a family with love and respect for him. Now, I am sharing this message to call the people to get and belong to his family. Though I am not yet part of his family but my heart belongs to his family and I am willing to be in his family. I am not posting this to say that I am against with a group of people but rather to share the truth that I believe and which I think will give way for them to find and know more about God and the truth. I am filled with rejoice about sharing the word of God and the belief of true Christians through this site and has no intention to derogate any religious sectors but rather to share the knowledge which I have known from God through his word – the Bible. My intention is to bring spiritual happiness and hope for the people in relation to God. This is my deep concern with my whole heart. I am not saying I am filled with the Spirit of God but I keep SEEKING for the spirit of God to be shining upon me through understanding HIS WORDS in the Bible. Let Jehovah judge the people according to his own actions. I am ending this message and giving my respect to all kinds of people who may read this and who have their own faith. I hope you will give the same respect for the things I believe. Let us just give thanks and praise  God [Jehovah] for we are alive until now and he is calling all of us to draw close to him, to know him and the truth. Thanks for reading this post. Enjoy reading.

Soon I will stop posting but leave this open to the public. I give respect to the Faithful and Discreet Slave of Jesus who is the genuine and is the authorized body for spiritual food. I don’t think I am part of them or have any right on my own to post and share about the word of God without their consent but because of the present situation I have, I do my part on what I can share also to the people. I just don’t want to miss this opportunity now that I have time and opportunity to share it with other people.