Many religionists do not accept the name of God as Jehovah. For them it was like having a teddy bear and giving a name to it whatsoever you want. Thus for them it will show that Jehovah’s Witnesses are giving a name for God by their own way. For them it was an invented name and can never become God’s name because they say that there is no letter J in Hebrew alphabet and there are no vowels (a,e,i,o,u) in the Hebrew alphabet. Does this show that we cannot call God in name acceptable to him? Remember Bible names are translated in many different ways according to languages of each country and why Christian religions are not questioning it as to how it pronounce originally? The names Jeremiah, Jacob, Jesus, Jehosaphat, Jehonadab etc. are writtten in Hebrew language with letter Y as start of their names but now it was letter J. Jesus in Greek is Iesous but it might be written as Yeshua or Yehoshua in Hebrew but why for no reason Trinitarians accept this without hesitation that this is the name of God they believe without questioning the originality and pronunciation of its name? Why religionists now would question the name Jehovah? Remember in Joel 2:28 – 32 in parallel to Acts 2:17 – 21. * Note this is not the name of the Lord Jesus because it has tetragrammaton in Hebrew Scriptures in the book of Joel thus it refers to Almighty God not the Lord Jesus Christ. The time telling is in the last days and that on the great day of Jehovah whoever calls his name (with faith and action) will be saved. Remember also that in Revelation 11:18 that God will give reward to those who are fearing the NAME OF GOD. What name is that if there is no name to call upon? This is also on the time after Armageddon, right? That is why there is certainty that the true nation of God who teaches truth and live in accordance with God’s will is calling God in HIS ACCEPTABLE NAME. For if not, the words in the book of Joel, Acts and Revelation with respect to calling his name will be invalid. One thing the short form of the name of God is Jah which is only used by the Jehovah’s Witnesses (see this – — see also the two letters of the tetragrammaton here in these verses which is YH (Yah) in literal translation – – Please click on the Book and its verse to see the textual transliteration). Remember there are the two letters of the tetgrammaton in the original Hebrew the Y and H and it was literally translated as Yah (no vowel a in Hebrew) which becomes Jah in modern translation. And in the book of Revelation, “Alelouia” is the same as “hallelujah” which means “praise Jah”. There is no letter h sounds in Greek thus allelu means hallelu and there is no letter y in Greek and so the sounds of ia is Yah which is Jah in modern translation thus it really means praise Jah. Allelu in Hebrew is hallelu which also means “praise” (You can see some examples of it in Psalms 150 [see the link here – ]. Therefore, from one point of view we can conclude that the Jehovah’s witnesses are using also the right exact short form of the name of God!

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  1. THE PEOPLE WHO ARE AGAINST JEHOVAH AND THE TRUTH WILL CONTINUE TO BE AGAINST JEHOVAH’S NAME – Revelation 13:6 “And it opened its mouth in blasphemies+ against God to blaspheme his name and his dwelling place, even those residing in heaven.; — Revelation 16:9 And the people were scorched by the great heat, but they blasphemed the name of God, who has the authority over these plagues, and they did not repent and give glory to him.” —– THIS PROVES THAT THERE IS A NAME OF GOD WHICH IS PROFANE BY THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD AND THIS IS NONE OTHER THAN THE NAME JEHOVAH – THE TRUE ALMIGHTY GOD.

  2. There is a probable evidence that the name YHWH was pronounced as Yahuwah or Yehowah because the name Yeremiyahu and Yehosapat as well as the other names starts with Yeho (Jeho) and ends in Yahu (Jahu) signifies the beginning of the name of God and that the end of His name has the verb hwh (hawah) which means to become therefore it is possible and really accepted that Jehovah is a literal translation of YHWH. It may be Yahuwah or Yehowah (or Yahowah) which can be translated in English as Jahuvah or Jehovah (or Jahovah). All are correct since the beginning of the names starts with Jah and Jeho which in Hebrew can be found in the beginning or end of the names in the Bible i.e. Yahu or Yeho.

  3. NOTE: The names of the people in the Hebrew Scriptures were translated properly in the modern languages because there was LXX (Septuagint version) in which the names of the people in the Hebrew Scriptures were translated properly according to its Greek equivalent and so there is no hard time in translating back the names in Greek in the Hebrew Scriptures back into Hebrew again.I believe that was the reason. Thanks God for the LXX versions!

  4. Psalms 83:18 May people know that you, whose name is Jehovah,+You alone are the Most High over all the earth.+

  5. To see also the Bible names in the Insights of the Holy Scriptures, just type the name on the search box and click search or enter key -

  6. What about the word “I AM” in Exodus 3:14?

    — The other literal translation of Exodus 3:14 with regards to that is “I become who I become” but has a meaning of God becomes God (as what he is) which violates his ever-existing God or in more acceptable way translation as “I become whatever I become” which has a proper and more profound other translation as “I will be whatever I will be” which is in parallel also to New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures (NWT, 1984 Edition) as “I SHALL PROVE TO BE WHAT I SHALL PROVE TO BE” which in Tagalog literal translation could be “PATUTUNAYAN KO NGA NA GAYON AKO SA ANUMAN NA PATUTUNAYAN KO NGA NA GAYON AKO”. This translation suggests of his being omnipotent, omniscient, and righteous-loving God – the total being of Jah! *** “I become whatever I become” = “Ako ay nagiging gayon sa anumang ako ay nagiging gayon”. It is not the same as “I became whatever I became” which has a tagalog translation of “Ako ay naging sa anumang ako ay naging” also “I become who I become” is the same in Tagalog as “Ako ay naging sa kung sino ako ay naging”. The name of God “Ya-HWH” means “Yah becomes” or “Yah will be” or “Yah will become” thus, logically speaking he introduced himself to Moses as someone literally as “I will be whatever I will be” which in deeper divine sense is equivalent as “I shall prove to be what I shall prove to be” which shows that Jah will prove his total being in different ways and in his own time to fulfill his will. **** One thing, “I become whatever I become” is the same as “I will become whatever I will become”. The first one can be in the present and/or continuing to future becoming. Thus, in Tagalog it could have both renderings as “Ako ay nagiging gayon sa anumang ako ay nagiging gayon” or “Ako ay magiging gayon sa anumang ako ay magiging gayon”. God’s full name has a literal translation of “Y[ah] to be” or “Y[ah] to become” (signifying future) in which it shows that Jah will be whatever he will be to prove himself. Thus he became someone at certain past times and will become someone in the future to prove himself and to fulfill his will.**** For example: “Truly, I speak whatever I think” can have both renderings. One is, “Truly, I always speak whatever I think” or “Truly, I will speak whatever I come to think”. Therefore, “I become whatever (the acceptable rendering word) I become” may be translated as “I will become whatever I will become” or “I will be whatever I will be”. “I am who I am” only shows of God being the God Almighty (ever-existing in the sense) but not as what his name reveals that is as someone who prove himself as of his everlasting becoming (being Almighty God) and will become as someone to prove always his righteousness and power. **** Thus, he becomes Creator of the universe to prove his ever-existing as Almighty God. He becomes (proven to be) the Father of all his righteous angels and people, judge of all humankind, king of all, teacher, provider, healer, shepherd, rock, life-giver, destroyer, friend, etc. All he becomes according to what he chooses to become to fulfill his will and to prove his total being as Almighty God in righteous and loving ways for his creations at his own appointed time.

  7. EXODUS 3:14 So God said to Moses: “I Will Become What I Choose to Become.”And he added: “This is what you are to say to the Israelites, ‘I Will Become has sent me to you.’” – NWT, 2013 EDITION

  8. A MUST READ ARTICLE… see it for yourself! Believe me it’s very convincing with factual explanations!!! –

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