The Chronological Dates in the Bible – Its Importance in Identifying Messiah and the Establishing of the Messianic Kingdom of God in Heaven

Many religions interpret the dates in the bible in different ways. One of the talked about date is the coming of Messiah which is in the prophecy of the 70 weeks in the book of Daniel. Many Christian denominations believed that the Messiah, Jesus Christ, appeared on 29 C.E. and died on 33 C.E. This is also the belief of the Jehovah’s Witnesses which I also believe and with proofs in the Bible and in line with the accounts of the archaeological and scientific proofs. The biblical text that tells about the prophecy of the seventy weeks is from Daniel 9:24 – 27. The following verses were taken from American Standard Version (ASV).

24 Seventy weeks are decreed upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most holy.

25 Know therefore and discern, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the anointed one, the prince, shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks: it shall be built again, with street and moat, even in troublous times.

26 And after the threescore and two weeks shall the anointed one be cut off, and shall have nothing: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and even unto the end shall be war; desolations are determined.

27 And he shall make a firm covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease; and upon the wing of abominations shall come one that maketh desolate; and even unto the full end, and that determined, shall wrath be poured out upon the desolate.

According to the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the prophecy of the start of 70 weeks had started from the time when the words to rebuild the Jerusalem had come out which is from 455 B.C. in 20th year of Artaxerxes (Nehemiah 2:1, 5 – 8). The Jehovah’s Witnesses said that the first whole year of reigning of Artaxerxes is from 474 B.C. (taken from the Appendix of “What Does the Bible Really Teach?”) as supported by different scholars and the ascension of Artaxerxes is from 475 B.C. Thus the 20th year of Artaxerxes was 455 B.C. The Jehovah’s Witnesses just as the other Christian denominations believe that these weeks is not compose of days in a week but rather a week is equivalent to 7 years. Thus 69 weeks is equivalent to 483 years. Since the word to rebuild the Jerusalem came out in 455 B.C., we will count 483 years starting from 455 B.C. and we will come to the year 29 C.E where Jesus Christ was anointed as Messiah when he was baptized in the Jordan River. This was the time when John had baptized Jesus and had seen the manifestation of the Holy Spirit coming down to Jesus and heard a voice from God saying Jesus is his Son, the Son of God. Since from 455 B.C. unto 1 C.E. is 455 years (note there is no zero year) and from 1 C.E. to 29 C.E. is 28 years, we will have a total of 483 years. In Daniel 9:25, the time when the word to rebuild again the Jerusalem until it was built finally will cover seven weeks which is equivalent to 49 years and after this there would have 62 weeks when the Messiah will appear. The 49 years (7 weeks) of the time was started from the words to rebuild the temple of Jerusalem until it was built and from the time it was built until the time when Messiah appeared will cover 434 years (62 weeks) which would give a total of 483 years.   However, in Judaism, the Jews don’t believe that Jesus is the Messiah. They say that the one mention in this verse is not Jesus and that there are two anointed ones in this passage (See the link below about this explanation). They also believe that the time when Jerusalem was rebuilt was 49 years after the destruction of the temple (in which they say it is on 587 B.C.) as others also believe and so the Jerusalem was built on 537 B.C. While, the Seventh Day Adventist believe that the command of the reconstruction of the temple was on 457 B.C. We should notice that Daniel 9:25 speaks of the time when the command to rebuild the temple until it was built was composed of 7 weeks which is 49 years and that after, the beginning of 62 weeks will start. So from the standpoints of Jehovah’s Witnesses which is in line with the bible, the 62 weeks (threescore and 2 weeks) or the total 483 years (69 weeks) will end to 29 C.E and the time that Jerusalem was built was on 406 B.C. We should not reject the preceding phrase of “to restore and build the Jerusalem” which is “from the going forth of the commandment” which is the cover years of the command to restore and build Jerusalem unto the time it was built. Thus, many Christian denominations believe that 29 C.E is the time when Jesus was anointed as being the Messiah and that in 33 C.E was the time he had died.

The day of death of Jesus was on Friday afternoon of Nissan 14 at 3 p.m. and using using scientific calculations it was said also to be on Friday with a phase of full moon on the evening of Nissan 14.  The start of a new date is starting at sundown and and will end at sun down also Thus, Nissan 14 which is the passover starts at sundown and the next day is the death of Jesus which is still Nissan 14.  It was said that it was in 33 C.E with more than one person computed and affirmed it using simulation in computers. The counting of days of resurrection of Jesus began on his death on Friday as the mark first day and so on the third day which is Sunday, he was resurrected. Although there are different interpretations about this topic there is only one true date pertaining to a subject matter that is in line with the bible. Thus, the purpose of this essay is to reveal the truth on the exact dates in the bible.

Another date that is being question in the Jehovah’s Witnesses is the date 607 B.C. as the year of the destruction of Jerusalem while other religions believe it was on 587/586 B.C. How do the Jehovah’s Witnesses claim that 607 B.C is the date when Jerusalem was destroyed? It is because they base their interpretation based on the Word of God – the Bible. It was said by the scholars that 539 B.C. is the year when Cyrus lead the destruction of Babylon. The year when the Jews were released from the Babylon was said scholarly to be in 537 B.C. Since the Jews were in captivity for 70 years and that 537 B.C. was the year when the Jews were freed from Babylonians, therefore the destruction of the Jerusalem will give us back to the year 607 B.C. as it was stated by the Watch Tower in a letter send to a JW at that time. I have quoted a letter from the Watch Tower which was taken from a link site of a letter sender asking about the credibility of 607 B.C. which you may read at the end of this essay but I have saved only the letter in my computer. But for the meanwhile let us study logically if 607 B.C. is really correct. This would now deal the year 1914 – the time when the Messianic Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Heaven was established by God. The proof of this is in Daniel 2:44 where Jehovah promised to set a kingdom in heaven that will destroy all the kingdoms on earth. So the kingdom in heaven will be established on the time of the kingdoms on earth. How do the Jehovah’s Witnesses say that 1914 is the year when the kingdom of God was established? It is because Jesus said that Jerusalem will be trampled by nations until their time is up – Luke 21:24. When did the trampling over Jerusalem happen? It was happened when Babylon destroyed Jerusalem in 607 B.C. The proof of 607 B.C. can be proven based on the manifestation in the year 1914 – the year when Jesus became King in heaven as appointed by God as it was said in Daniel 2:44. This was the time when God finally thrown out Satan and all the demons from heaven into earth through Michael the Archangel (Jesus Christ). The proof that the Kingdom of God was established in 1914 was taken from Daniel 4:10 – 16. The literal meaning of the dream of Nebuchadnezzar was that he is the tree who was removed from his kingdom for seven years when he got mentally ill. Why now the tree and the seven years which is 2520 years are related to the Kingdom of God? We should know that the tree symbolizes rulership (Ezekiel 17:22 – 24; 31:2 – 5). The line of kings who came from David had cut off (2 Kings 25:1 – 26) however, Jehovah promised that a person will come and will have the legal right for that crown – Ezekiel 21:26, 27; Daniel 4:17.

Since, there is no human who can rightly fulfill that prophecy both on the last two verses and have the legal right for that crown and since Zedekiah was the last king that represent for Jehovah and since the seven years is equivalent 2520 years, we can conclude with no doubt that the year when the Messianic Kingdom of God was established and was fulfilled by a person none other than Jesus as the appointed king who has legal right for that crown was happened in 1914. Though many critics do say that 1914 as claim by the Jehovah’s Witnesses is not true, we cannot reject the implicit thought of the word “seven years” has something to do with the promised word of Jehovah in Ezekiel 21:26, 27 in which the Zedekiah was the last king of Jerusalem who represent the rulership on behalf of Jehovah. By that time after, there was no king that represent on behalf of Jehovah (as anointed by God and following the will of God). So from 607 B.C. then counting 2520 years onwards we will come to the year 1914 as the year when the Kingdom of God was established. What was the additional proof that shows physical manifestation of the year 1914? This is the World War 1 which was happened in the beginning of August 1914. We should remember that Michael and his angels had a battle against Satan and his demons in heaven – meaning Satan and all the demons were cast out from heaven and thrown down on earth which causes the earth to be troubled terribly. It was said that October 607 B.C. was the date when the Jerusalem was destroyed and so October 1914 was the year when the Kingdom of God was established (Take note there was no zero year). How come the World War 1 started in August 1914 and not by October or later than October to be exact? We should know that demons are influencing the world ever since because of their will to mislead the people. So there is no question as to why by the beginning of World War 1 started from August 1914 and not in October 1914 since this does not matter. But what is the manifestation of the birth of the Kingdom of Heaven in 1914 and what makes it significant? It is because the earth were much in trouble after that time because Satan and his demons were thrown down on earth already and no longer have a place for themselves in heaven and that Satan knows that he has only a few time left – Revelation 12:7 – 12. Clearly from this account in the Bible, the Kingdom of Heaven was established before the end of time will come. When Jesus spoke about the nations that will trample Jerusalem until their time is over (Luke 21:24), he spoke about the end of those nations who trample Jerusalem and that was happened in 1914 when the kingdom of God was established already. By that time, Satan who is the accuser to God were cast out from heaven together with his demons and it was the time when the truth started to preach by the two witnesses (which symbolized for the Jehovah’s Witnesses at that time) and they were killed by 1918 when the preaching were forced to stop and the President of Watchtower were imprisoned yet by 1919 the preaching continue gradually and it had never stop anymore by anyone. Take note the 3 ½ days in which the 2 witnesses are dead does not require have a literal interpretation or equate to 3 ½ years but rather a mere fact that they are almost in no hope of resurrection because of nearly rotting just as what Lazarus situation described when he was dead. The people before in the Bible (the Jews) thought that four days for the body of a dead person is really rotting and since in the 3rd day Jesus was resurrected before the 4th day come, this would only mean that the 2 witnesses are almost near to cease in existence but Jehovah did not let his two witnesses to rot just like a dead person which is believe to may rot in 4 days. Thus, 1914 was the time for Jerusalem (which symbolize for the heavenly kingdom of God) to be shining then and forever. It was the time when the seed of truth again were implanted to people and have grown and scattered all over the world following the consecutive time after it. To have an illustration of it, if for example a king of a certain kingdom was removed by his enemy and that there are other kingdoms which are also against of him yet at the right time he was put back on his throne and he had made his kingdom grow and that many people believe and acknowledge him, this is the time of his coming back, a time for his power to see by many as it can never be destroyed by anyone and so it thus show that at proper time he will destroy all the kingdoms on his land until he became the only one king who will rule over his land. The year 1914 was the start of reigning of Jesus and he is ruling from then until now through leading the preaching of the word of God all over the world and it will seen by many nations and so at proper time they will finally recognize what is truth and believe on it until the time has come for them to be wiped out in the world.

Here are the copied two letter reply from the Watch Tower to a letter sender who is a JW at that time:

Watch Tower



June 5, 2000

Dear ***************

We are replying to your recent letter concerning the date of Jerusalem’s destruction by Nebuchadnezzar. The fact that secular historians generally give a date around 586 B.C.E. for this event, rather than 607 B.C.E., is clearly a matter that concerns you deeply. Your lengthy letter outlining some of your research testifies to this. We are pleased to offer the following comments.

It is true that secular historians generally date the destruction of Jerusalem and the beginning of the Babylonian captivity at 586 or 587 B.C.E., and we do not hide this fact. But we do challenge the veracity of their evidence for producing of this date. The appendix to chapter 14 of the book “Let Your Kingdom Come” which you have referred to, discusses this matter in some detail. Of course, our understanding of the chronology involved is guided by God’s Word, which is very specific about the time involved and what would occur during that time. (2 Chronicles 36:20 – 23; Jeremiah 25: 8 – 11; Daniel 9:2) Therefore, we believe the chronology we present is in harmony with Biblical timing rather than somewhat problematic secular dating that disagrees with the Scriptures, as explained in the “Kingdom Come” book. Pages 461 to 466 of Insight on the Scriptures, Volume I, also provide some background for this chronology. Additionally, the section “Chronology” beginning on page 447, as well as “Appointed Times of the Nations,” on pages 132 to 135, covers these subjects in depth.

This date of 586 B.C.E. is by no means as well attested to as the pivotal date of 539 B.C.E. for the overthrow of Babylon. Given the pivotal date of 539 B.C.E. and the subsequent release of the Jews in 537 B.C.E., then with the clear Biblical references to a seventy-year period of desolation of Jerusalem, we are brought to a date of 607 B.C.E. for Jerusalem’s destruction. A principal source of accepting the date 586 B.C.E. is the second-century Greek scholar Claudius Ptolemy. Recently, Robert R. Newton of John Hopkins University offered proof that many of Ptolemy’s observations were “deliberately fabricated”. Scientific American magazine noted that “Ptolemy’s forgery may have extended to inventing the lengths of reigns of Babylonian kings. Since much modern reconstruction of Babylonian chronology has been based on a list of kings that Ptolemy used to pinpoint the dates of alleged Babylonian observations, according to Newton ‘all relevant chronology must now be reviewed and all dependence on Ptolemy (king) list must be removed” – Issue of October 1977, page 80.

Thus as to difference in approximately 20 years between the Bible’s chronology and that based principally on secular evidence we choose to be guided primarily by God’s Word. As the Kingdom Come book on page 189 comments: “It seems evident that easiest and most *********** (the other part of the letter was not copied from the link for it was a scan page)

Here is the other letter reply from the Watch Tower to the same letter sender:

Watch Tower



June 29, 2000

Dear Brother **********

We have at hand your letter of June 23, 2000, which continues matters raised in your earlier letter. Whilst we appreciate your desire for information and clarification, we really do not feel that we can add much to what we have already said. However, in an effort to be helpful, we are pleased to offer the following additional comments.

Concerning Jeremiah 25:12 you state: “This is a statement that cannot be read by any other way . . . This statement tells of a specific period of time. It can not have two meanings and its quite clear as to what it means. 70 years would have to pass and THEN Babylon would be destroyed.” Please note, though, what Jeremiah actually foretold, namely that “when seventy years have been fulfilled I [Jehovah] shall call to account against the king of Babylon and against that nation … their error … and I will make it desolate wastes to time indefinite.” The city of Babylon still existed and was inhabited in early Christian times (1 Peter 5:13) and does not appear to have passed out of existence until about the fourth century C.E. Clearly, then, the overthrow of Babylon by the Medo-Persian army did not equate with its being made “desolate wastes to time indefinite,” so we do not see that you have any basis for saying that the 70 years mentioned in Jeremiah 25:12 ended when Babylon felt to Medo-Persian forces.

The situation, really, is as Insight Volume I, page 463, states: “The Bible prophecy does not allow for the application of the 70-year period to any time other than that between the desolation of Judah, accompanying Jerusalem’s destruction, and the return of the Jewish exiles to their homeland as a result of Cyrus’ decree. It clearly specifies that the 70 years would be years of devastation of the land of Judah. The prophet Daniel so understood the prophecy, for he states, ‘I myself, Daniel, discerned by the books the number of the years concerning which the word of Jehovah had occurred to Jeremiah the prophet, for fulfilling the devastations of Jerusalem, namely seventy years.’ (Dan 9:2) After describing the conquest of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar, 2 Chronicles 36:20, 21 states: ‘Furthermore, he carried off those remaining from the sword captive to Babylon, and they came to be servants to him and his sons until the royalty of Persia began to reign; to fulfill Jehovah’s word by the mouth of Jeremiah, until the land had paid off its Sabbaths. All the days lying desolated it kept Sabbath to fulfill seventy years.’ ”

You may find it helpful to compare Jeremiah’s prophecy against Babylon with Isaiah’s prophecy against Tyre. The latter, which also refers to a period of 7o years, is recorded at Isaiah 23:15 – 18. ***** (the other part of the letter was not copied because it was a scan page copied from a link site)


The tree which was mention was fulfilled to Nebuchadnezzar as what the angel explained it. However, if we are going to ponder on verse 11 and 12 we can see that this tree is something really different. But someone may ask if Nebuchadnezzar is the one who is the king of the kings at that time (Daniel 2:37 – 38) then why would be Zedekiah who is said to be the king on behalf of the throne of Jehovah would also symbolize by the tree which was cut off? We must see to it that Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the Jerusalem in his 18th year of reigning which is on 607 B.C (Jeremiah 52:12 – 14). We must also know that Nebuchadnezzar does not represent on behalf of Jehovah but it was him who was given authority over all kingdoms on earth (Daniel 2:38). How do we say that he does not represent Jehovah’s kingdom? It is because Jerusalem was the chosen city of Jehovah and that he had chosen kings who are from Jerusalem from the line of David. Jesus came in to Jerusalem as the coming king of it (in spiritual and in literal sense for the Jews who are spiritually alive and for the Spiritual Israel) – Zacariah 9:9; Matthew 21:1 – 9. That is why the last king of Jerusalem who is Zedekiah is represented by the tree and for the throne of Jehovah. It was Zedekiah who was the last anointed and appointed king by Jehovah to rule over Jerusalem to represents God’s kingdom. The tree which represent by the kingdom of Jehovah and is also represented by the kingdom of Zedekiah shows beautiful and very abundant in giving fruits and all flesh are eating through it. No kingdom can fulfill that but only the kingdom of God. What about verse 15 and 16? How does the cut tree would have the heart of an animal and not from a human? It is because the kingdom which is supposed to come from Jerusalem was cut off (that is from Zedekiah) and the kingdoms coming after it did not stand right or represent for Jehovah. How about verse 17?

17 By the decree of watchers the thing is, and [by] the saying of holy ones the request is, to the intent that people living may know that the Most High is Ruler in the kingdom of mankind and that to the one whom he wants to, he gives it and he sets up over it even the lowliest one of mankind.” – NWT

Please understand the last verse in which it shows that a kingdom is really need to tell the people on earth that the Most High [Jehovah] is the Ruler of all and that He is giving the ruling to Jesus and set it up for him.

Please see the interlinear bible from the link below:

It was only on the time when Jesus became king in heaven as appointed by Jehovah the kingdom of God in heaven was established firmly – Daniel 2:44. Daniel 7:13, 14 and Luke 1:32 – 33 clearly point out that Jesus will become king as appointed by Jehovah.

It was said in the bible that John start his ministry on the 15th year of Tiberius Caesar (Luke 3:1-3,21-23; take note Jesus was about 30 years old) which was said by historians to reign from 14 A.D. so his 15th year would be 29 C.E. so this is the year when Jesus came to John the Baptizer in Jordan river for baptism and the following after Jesus do also  his ministry. Therefore, historical accounts is true in proving that Jesus was baptized at 29 C.E. and so his death would be on 33 C.E.

The Seventh Day Adventists believe that Artaxerxes  gave a decree on his 7th year which is the decree to restore and rebuilt the Jerusalem was on 457 B.C. however, in Nehemiah 2:1, 5 – 8 (* verse 8 shows King Artaxerxes agreed the request of Nehemiah) it was said that the decree to rebuild the Jerusalem was on the 20th year of Artaxerxes. So Biblically speaking the decree came out on the 20th year of Artaxerxes not on his 7th year. If seven years backward he would be started reigning on 465 B.C. and his 20th years of reigning would be on 445 B.C. thus the 69 weeks would end on 39 A.D. which is incorrect as to the year or baptism of Jesus which was on the time of ruling of Tiberius Caesar. We should remember that the Jerusalem was built finally on 49 years after the decree came out. So clearly it would be an error to say it on seventh year of Artaxerxes but rather biblically speaking it was came out on the 20th year of Artaxerxes which historians said that the first year reign of Artaxerxes is on 474 B.C. and so his ascension was on 475 thus his 20th year would be on 455 B.C. plus 483 years which is equivalent to 69 weeks in Daniel will brought us to 29 C.E. (note there is no zero year).

See the historical link at this site Please take note the year of the two Tiberius. The first speaks of Tiberius Caesar in the Bible. He was also called as Tiberius Julius Caesar Augustus.

Tiberius Caesar was the successor of Augustus Caesar who died in August 19, 14 A.D. ( Thus, Tiberius Caesar started to reign on 14 A. D.

Another thing in the “Seven Times” mention in Daniel which is equivalent to 2520 years is that “seven” is very significant in God’s will. It is being used in the Bible for fulfilling something. There are examples in the Bible that suggest “seven” as a number of fulfilling God’s will. Read the example accounts in Genesis 2:3; Joshua 6:2 – 5, 10, 15 – 17; 1 Kings 18:41 – 45 (*v.43); 2 Kings 5:1 – 14 (*v.10) plus the one in Daniel that happens to Nebuchadnezzar.

Therefore in the case of “Seven Times”, this signifies something to Jehovah as this is the way of fulfilling His will. Seven Times is equivalent to 7 x 360 days and so it will give an answer of 2520 years thus the exact date is on October 1914 and this was the time when the 2 witnesses (JW) in Revelation had fulfilled the prophecy. Seven years is a factor of 2520 years. A seven multiplied by 360 years. It was on 1914 that these 2 witnesses (representing most especially the anointed Christians) who have preached the word of God in 3 1/2 years with sackcloth because of the war that is happening by that time. The JW proclaimed the kingdom of God by that time and they knew the year 1914 is significant and they continue to preach the other truths in the Bible that exposed the false teachings of the so called Christian churches which cannot accept by the Christendom by that time and the consecutive time that is why the Christendom  HAVE trampled the holy city (symbolize for the Kingdom of God) for 42 months or 1260 days or 3 1/2 years (Revelation 11:2). The prophecy in these verses in Revelation had already been fulfilled. People in the world which symbolizes by other religions have exchanged gifts or were happy when they knew that the preaching of the 2 witnesses were killed (or stop in figurative sense). This was happened when the President of the Watchtower together with his colleagues were imprisoned for a short period of time. How about the words that say that these witnesses have power not to rain and that they can harm those who want to harm them during of their time of preaching which on 1260 days of their preaching with sackcloth? This does not mean of literal interpretation that is having power over the weather but rather it a symbolical interpretation that there would be no problem on them as they preach the good news to people and that whoever wants to judge them will be judge by the truth of the message of God they are exposing i.e. when the Christendom is saying that they are false and liars and the 2 witnesses (most especially the anointed JW and the general JW) gave back the accusation to them by simply quoting the scriptural truths and letting the clergy see that it was them not the JW who are accusing themselves. Thus we cannot deny the fact that the Jehovah’s Witnesses are PREACHING THE TRUTH ABOUT THE WORD OF GOD! Please see my other posts for the other truth or visit  for more truth.



However, someone may ask why 1914 is the year and why God will use a 360-days in a year multiplied by 7 years and not 365-days? It is because the standard time of God in the Hebrew calender consist of 12 months with 30 days (actually it was given by God to Israelites before and can be found in the Bible). If we would use 365 days multiplied by 7 years this would not give an exact answer of 2520 years (the 7 years mention in the book of Daniel) but rather 2555 years and so it would not be on October 1914 but on October 1949 which has no remarkable event. Take note the year 1914 is really significant because it mark the start of the last days which is the start of the invisible presence (parousia) of Jesus on earth. All the prophesied events started to happen by that time and the time of the Gentile nations has ended by that time. Why? Remember, the nations will trample the Jerusalem until their time is up. Luke 21:20 – 24 speaks of the time when Jerusalem is near to be destroyed until it was destroyed and verse 24 speaks of early Christian that were killed and those Christians who were persecuted in the last days. In verse 24 it says that nations will trample Jerusalem. Since Jerusalem was the chosen city that represents for the kingdom of God through the line of David and that Zedekiah was the last king who sat upon the throne of David that symbolize for the throne of Jehovah (2 Kings 25;1 – 26; Ezekiel 21:26, 27) and that Jesus is the one who has right for the crown of that throne (Luke 1:32, 33; Daniel 4:17) therefore, the Jerusalem spoken about here is the government of the Kingdom of God. The nations started to trample the Kingdom of God from 607 B.C. The words of Jesus as “will trample the Jerusalem” includes 607 B.C until 1914 because no nations in the world represent for the kingdom of God and that they don’t know yet that 1914 is the time when the Kingdom of God in heaven will be established. It was identified by early Bible Students before that 1914 is the year of that God’s Kingdom was established. Since then, the nations who are against of this significant prophesied event in the Bible has come already to their end. By then, Jesus is invisibly ruling already on earth and the truth has emerged in the world preaching that the Kingdom of God has established and that the presence of Christ has started already. In this year, the International Bible Students Associations with 5,000 members are preaching in 68 countries around the world. However, the International Bible Students on that time look at this year as the time when Armageddon will also come. Thus many fellow believers depart from the truth when the end did not come true. It is because they have misunderstood that the presence of Christ in 1914 is also the time when Armageddon will come. Later on they have understood that 1914 is only the start of the last days which is also on the time of the invisible presence of Christ. In the middle of 1918, the preaching of the word of God through the witnesses (symbolize by the two witnesses in Revelation) was stopped when the President of the Watchtower, Joseph F. Rutherford and his 7 colleagues were sentenced to imprisonment by the court in June 20, 1918 and the Watchtower branch in Brooklyn was closed. It was the time when these two witnesses were killed as told in the book of Revelation after 3 ½ years or 1260 days (Revelation 11:3 – 10). Therefore when counting 1260 days backward it will bring us back to January 1914. This was part of the beginning time when the two witnesses (most especially the anointed JW) started to preach the word of God with sackcloth (symbolizing  a sorrow feeling) because persecution during World War 1 was great among them and it was on this time 1260 days that they are preaching the word of God with sackcloth symbolizing their sorrow feeling. The Witnesses were also sad when the end of time did not come until the end of 1914. The result of this was not good to the witnesses. Many people who are witnesses at that time did not continue to become witnesses anymore. However, the true witnesses still continue to preach the word of God, understanding by then that 1914 is the start of the last days and the presence of Jesus. Still they were wearing sackcloth because the world is at war by that time. It was only when the President of the Watchtower, Joseph F. Rutherford and his 7 colleagues were freed and the two witnesses was said to be resurrected. This 3 ½ days did not mean another 1260 days (Revelation 11:9) but of symbolical term which means they did not come to decaying just Lazarus is described by Mary but was resurrected on the 4th day. We should know that 2520 years used 365/6 days in a year for 2520 years since Jewish calendar also know how to intercalated the number of days required to complete the whole number of days in a year and that is every three years they add one month. Thus we have the exact of time when Messiah appeared in 29 C.E. and the time of his death in 33 C.E. The Christianity affirms that 33 C.E. is the year of death of Jesus and that by 29 C.E. Jesus was baptized. By simply looking with this important event we can see that God used a standard time and has set things according to his appointed time – Acts 1:7. The Jewish Calendar also in concordance with the modern calendar of today i.e. they complete the cycle of 365 or 366 days by intercalating the required days equivalent to one month on every 3rd year.

Please read also this article concerning the presence of Jesus.

Resurrection will take place first for those who have heavenly hope starting in the presence of Jesus as stated in 1 Thessalonians 4:16 and 1 Corinthians 15:23 which has a proof in Revelation 6:9 – 11. This people who have heavenly hope were killed mostly during the first Christian era and during world war. We can see that there are some who were already in heaven and who were killed and are resurrected and are waiting for the time when God will take action for their blood.

For in-depth study about the date 607 B.C. please click on the link below and read the helpful information about this subject.

The Destruction of Jerusalem – 607 B.C.E?

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